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locked. apologies.

locked.friending status: open
paranoia. emedan folk skrämma jag. ledsen.
paranoia. because people scare me. sorry.
please don't just randomly add! leave a comment here so i know that you're not sketch and you actually found me through something or someone. if you don't comment, i won't add you. comment, it's just polite. and STOP RANDOMLY ADDING ME FOR NETWORKING PURPOSES.
icons are at empyre
batman blog crew. ⇢Selina Kyle / Catwoman
? DC COMICS / ( Selina Kyle / Catwoman )
theTudors 「George Boleyn」
massiveJaneAusten 「Anne Elliot」
massiveJaneAusten 「Jane Bennet」
MarieAntoinette 「Louis XVI」
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