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what a day to get in the air and go [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Oct 2008|09:57pm]
wanna know where? pm me.
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ICON POST. [28 Sep 2008|12:45am]
i c o n s
|marie antoinette\20
|starwars episodes 1&2 (padmé & anakin)\18
|paramore (hayley)\17

(over here)@empyre

041. depressed...can't sleep. [08 Sep 2008|12:56am]
rochford ~ wholemillk
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038. and the loving spreads! [14 Aug 2008|05:35pm]
the disney meme

029. EIGHT DAY HIATUS plz. (feel free to spam) [22 May 2008|12:46pm]
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ICON POST. [19 May 2008|10:57pm]
[ mood | tired ]

1-20→ The Hunchback of Notre Dame (mostly Frollo)
21-50→ The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

post will be public until thursdy. usually it's open for a week but i'm leaving on an 8 day vacation to disneyworld so i have to close it early! :D
(over here)

019. icon post [04 May 2008|12:17am]
[ mood | worried ]

first batch of icons up over at leveleighty! (finally right? :<)
1-20→ Pocahontas
21-40→ The Tudors

post will be public for a week. then you will have to join to see the icons. :D
(over here)

011. blogcrews [31 Mar 2008|03:35pm]
[ mood | silly ]

since there isn't any yet (that i could find, i made some historically themed blogcrews! yay! now everybody join! |D) the actual crews are under the cut to save space :]

The Tudors;
thetudorsblogcrewCollapse )
Jane Austen;
massiveaustenblogcrewCollapse )
Marie Antoinette;
marieantoinettecrewCollapse )

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♚STATUS: ACTIVE AGAIN. [14 Mar 2008|05:43pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

15 March, 2008 to 22 March, 2008 wholemillk will be on hiatus. I will be gratefully taking a break from stressful school and cold New England to venture down in to the Southern Caribbean aboard the Crown Princess (of Princess Cruise Lines). I will miss you all terribly and promise to catch up on my flist as soon as I return. In the meantime, I wish you all well! (And if you're also on break, have a wonderful one!) Feel free to leave me any messages you feel like leaving! Be it serious or spam or whatever! ♥ back again

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locked. apologies. [27 Feb 2008|12:00am]
[ mood | pensive ]

locked.friending status: open
paranoia. emedan folk skrämma jag. ledsen.
paranoia. because people scare me. sorry.
please don't just randomly add! leave a comment here so i know that you're not sketch and you actually found me through something or someone. if you don't comment, i won't add you. comment, it's just polite. and STOP RANDOMLY ADDING ME FOR NETWORKING PURPOSES.
icons are at empyre blogcrews & junkCollapse )

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